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We help you with your new door

Welcome to our support page for your door with a dormakaba dKey lock. We are here to help you with any questions and problems.


You will find the answers to the most common questions

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Urgent problems

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FAQ - The answers to the most frequently asked questions

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The answers to the most common questions regarding the dKey lock, product manuals and further information can be found here here

You can find the answers to the most common questions about the door here here

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Do you need urgent help?

Is there an emergency? 

During regular opening hours

In other words, you cannot get in or out through the door, and have checked that the installation is done according to the supplied instructions and FAQ for both dKey and the door. Then you can also try putting the key in end position and the digital emergency opening via the dKey app.

We will respond within 24 hours during regular business hours after you fill in the form. If you feel that you need urgent help, e.g. you cannot get in or out through the door, we recommend contacting your nearest locksmith on duty. 

Note that any product warranty and service provided by dealers only covers product defects and does not apply to defects caused by, for example, incorrect installation. Urgent problems that are solved by the locksmith on duty are not included in the guarantee and are paid for by the customer himself.

Outside regular opening hours

If an urgent problem arises outside of our regular opening hours, contact your nearest on-call locksmith.

Mechanical emergency opening

Can't get in or out of your door? Before contacting a locksmith/emergency service, try the steps below:

Step 1 

Try emergency opening with a physical key from the outside. From the inside, use a key or knob. Turn the key or knob to the end position/stop.

Grab the handle and open the door.

Step 2

If you do not have a key. Try emergency opening the lock digitally via the dKey key app. (see digital emergency opening below)

When the padlock is blue. Hold your finger on the blue padlock until the "Force unlock" function appears. Press "Force unlock" . Wait a few seconds, then grab the handle and open the door.

Step 3

If you have tried the above but still cannot open the door, contact your locksmith/property manager for further consultation.

Digital emergency opening 

The lock can emergency open digitally via the key app.


This can help in a scenario where, for example, the hook bolt is not fully extended because it hits the middle part of the strike plate (Bom).


-Press and hold your finger on the padlock symbol until the Force Unlock function appears. Then press Force Unlock and try to open the door after the lock motor stops buzzing.


- It is IMPORTANT to investigate the cause of the fault after using this function. Check the door installation carefully to find a possible cause of error.

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