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The freedom of choice is great when it comes to the areas of communication, ordering, delivery and invoicing. Our flexibility leaves room for your own wishes or you can safely let us work with an existing solution.

Customized logistics solutions

As usual, we also start from your needs when it comes to delivery. Because we work closely with our customers, we know what their situation looks like. This means that the customer gets the goods delivered in the way he wishes. Someone wants the packages marked in a certain way. Another has requests for a certain order of delivery.

Own warehouse, but still not

Several of our customers have our warehouse as their own. You are welcome too. This means that you never have to sit with a warehouse yourself, but let us take care of it. This way you get both the purchasing and inventory functions. In addition, you get access to our skills resource. Which is probably so useful.


If you want to quickly get in touch with us and order goods, it is perfectly possible to use our order phone, see contacts or send your order/request to us

Call our Order & Customer service

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