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Terms of sale and delivery


These terms and conditions shall apply to the extent that they are not changed by written agreement.

Delivery terms

Unless other delivery regulations have been specifically agreed upon, General Delivery Regulations NL 09, with addition NPV 09, and Technical Delivery Regulations – Locks and Fittings NTLB 11 apply

Delivery conditions

Actual shipping cost is charged unless otherwise agreed.

Mode of delivery

Delivery takes place regularly with DB Schenker or PostNord's Company Package/Pallet.

Return conditions

The buyer has the right, after the seller's approval, to return ordered fully stocked goods in unbroken and undamaged packaging. Purchased goods cannot be returned unless otherwise agreed. In this case, crediting takes place according to the invoiced price with a deduction of 20%, but at least SEK 50.


In the event of any complaints, these, and measures related to them, must always be approved by Göthes Teknik AB before they are carried out.


For pallet deliveries, the current pallet fee is charged for approved pallets if the customer has not provided Göthes Teknik AB with their pallet registration number. For crediting of approved pallets, these must be submitted to DB Schenker and registered on Göthes Teknik AB's pallet account no. 11019866. For half pallets, pallet boxes, cardboard tubes etc. charged actual cost.


Göthes Teknik AB is connected to FTI, the business community's collection system for recycling packaging, and is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001:2004.

Payment terms

30 days from the invoice date net, late payment interest is charged at 8% above the applicable reference interest rate in case of late payment. A late fee of SEK 450 per invoice is charged according to the law on compensation for debt collection costs, etc.


All prices are quoted in SEK and exclude VAT. The price and conditions on the day of delivery apply to each individual delivery occasion. Göthes Teknik AB reserves the right to revise agreed prices at any time, both gross and net prices, in the event that prices and other costs change beyond Göthes Teknik AB's control. Examples of this can be material shortages, increased raw material prices or fees imposed by society.

Currency clause

For prices which are based on currencies other than the Swedish krona, Göthes Teknik AB reserves the right to currency adjustment in case of exceptional changes in the exchange rate.

Warranty conditions

Warranty statements, in addition to what is found in the agreed delivery terms, do not apply. Liability for errors is regulated according to the content of the delivery regulations, i.e. the same conditions that Göthes Teknik AB generally applies in the Swedish market.


Sold goods remain the property of Göthes Teknik AB until full payment has been made.


Göthes Teknik AB is insured by Länsförsäkringar.


Any attached quotation / agreement is treated confidentially between the parties.

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